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About us

The company Celsius42 GmbH has been developed over many years of observations in oncology and complementary cancer treatment. We have recognized that hyperthermia in its various forms can make a positive contribution to cancer treatment. The team and directors at Celsius42 strive to provide a system that conforms to state-of-the-art medical technology while meeting the demands of users in the medical, financial and aesthetic field. Different mechanisms are responsible for the supra-additive effect of hyperthermia when used in conjunction with radiotherapy. Hyperthermia boosts radiotherapy. This has been proven by numerous comparison studies. In vivo studies have shown that hyperthermia can boost the effect of radiotherapy by a factor of 1.2 to 5! The interactions of hyperthermia and cytostatic drugs can be autonomous, additive and synergistic. Synergy effects also result from the spatial cooperation of chemotherapy and hyperthermia since most cytostatic drugs work better in areas with good blood flow.

A Phase III Clinical Study is going to be started this year!

Products and services

Intended use of the the Celsius TCS Hyperthermia System is the loco-regional overwarming of body volume particularly with regards to treatment of solid tumours.
Concomitant loco-regional hyperthermic warming induced by the Celsius TCS Hyperthermia System may support and/or complement the effects of conventional cancer treatment methods like radio- and/or chemotherapy. The device is intended to be used as far as local regional hyperthermic warming up of organs up to 42.0°C is the treatment of choice in addition to radio- and/or chemotherapy.

• Sarcoma
• breast tumour
• cervical tumour
• Extracranial Germ Cell tumour
• rectal tumour

Appropriate use of the equipment
Celsius TCS is a class II b medical device, which may only be used by competent, qualified healthcare professionals who receive regular product training. A start-up orientation by the manufacturer is mandatory.
Further training and refresher courses are offered on a regular basis. .

Technical Datas
13,56 MHz Frequency
500 W
2 different activ Electrodes
TCS Hyperthermia System

TCS Hyperthermia System


Celsius 42 GmbH
Hermann-Hollerithstr. 11
52449 Eschweiler

Phone: +49 2403 7829240

Heinz J. Schürgers
Phone: +49 157 774 38040

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Celsius 42 GmbH
Booth number: 4F09