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Bauerfeind's medical supports enjoy unprecedented demand at Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016

For the fourth time, Bauerfeind AG based in Zeulenroda, Germany, has served as partner to the organizing committee of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. And the numbers for the 2016 Summer Olympics speak for themselves: supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings, and orthopedic foot orthoses came to the aid of athletes on more than 900 occasions, far outperforming the results from London four years ago.

As partner to the organizing committee, Bauerfeind supplied supports, orthoses, foot orthoses and compression stockings and was on site in the polyclinic of the Olympic Village in Rio. From July 18 to August 21, a total of eight Bauerfeind employees from Brazil, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands staffed the clinic in shifts. With four orthotists on duty per day, the Bauerfeind team was available from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Athletes from all over the world visited the polyclinic every day in search of medical advice. The competitors sought out Bauerfeind products for acute injuries, the flare up of an old problem or for various signs of overstraining. A variety of typical sports injuries were treated: acute muscular problems, strains, fiber tears, lower back injuries, patellar tip syndromes, ankle sprains, irritations of the Achilles tendon and torn cruciate ligaments.

To provide athletes with the help they needed, the Bauerfeind team worked hand in hand with colleagues from other departments of the polyclinic, such as orthopedic specialists. Once a diagnosis had been made, the orthotists used this as a basis for selecting the right product, assessed what size of product was required, and explained to the athletes how the product works and how they should wear it.

The Bauerfeind service also included individual adjustments of orthopedic products, such as adapting a knee orthosis for an athlete’s required range of motion.

“Supports and orthoses for the knee, ankle and back were the most sought-after products in Rio de Janeiro,” says Jörg Ritzerfeld, Senior Manager Sport Sponsoring and Marketing at Bauerfeind. More than half of all the knee products were provided for indoor ball sports (volleyball, handball, basketball), martial arts and track and field. Volleyball players, hockey players and track and field athletes mostly needed supports and orthoses for the ankle. Back products were used by Olympic participants in 18 different sports.

Overall, Bauerfeind products were used more than 900 times at the Games. Four years ago at the Summer Olympics in London, that same number still hovered around 700. “We noticed the respect and recognition our products have gained in the Olympics environment. Bauerfeind has never been in such high demand,” explains Jörg Ritzerfeld.

Overall some 700 athletes from 124 countries took advantage of Bauerfeind’s services. Traditionally the majority of clinic visitors were from the host country. But this year Bauerfeind also provided care to a high number of athletes from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Iberian peninsula. Bauerfeind also helped athletes from very small teams, such as track and field competitors from Tonga, Djibouti and the Seychelles, weightlifters from Samoa and Vietnam, and a taekwondo fighter from Papua New Guinea. All totaled, athletes from 35 of 42 sports sought out Bauerfeind for support, led by track and field, volleyball and handball.

“We had around 9,000 products here, which meant we had all sizes available right up to the end. Our staff in the Bauerfeind clinic did an extraordinary job. We did not receive one complaint, but a lot of positive feedback from many grateful athletes. We achieved stellar results,” says Jörg Ritzerfeld


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