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Always one step aheadGenuTrain® – The new generation with Omega pad

With its innovative combination of compression and stabilization with exceptional proprioceptive response, the GenuTrain® revolutionized the market in 1981. Since then, the first anatomically contoured knee support with a viscoelastic pad has undergone continuous further development and, on its 30th anniversary, is once again setting new standards.

Thanks to the integration of the new Omega pad and the Train active knit, the GenuTrain is now better than ever at stabilizing the knee joint and relieving pain while promoting proprioception. The particularly soft knit in the posterior region of the knee and the support's integrated donning aid offer advanced wearing comfort, and the range of standard sizes has also been extended, meaning that more patients will be able to enjoy the benefits of the GenuTrain. The new generation of the GenuTrain is now available from your medical supply retailer.

The seventh generation of the GenuTrain offers new product features which enhance both the medical effectiveness and the wearing comfort. In conjunction with the knit, the new Omega pad, shaped like the Greek letter Ω, molds itself more effectively to the anatomical contours of the knee joint and has a targeted effect on the central pain spots of the knee region. It provides relief for the kneecap through the precise transmission of the therapeutic intermittent pressure to the surrounding soft tissue, as well as by means of the two new Hoffa pads on the lower edge, which exert metered pressure on the infrapatellar fat pad. The lateral wings of the pad extend into the front joint space of the knee, providing targeted pain relief at the meniscus in this sensitive area by means of intermittent pressure.

The interaction between the new Omega pad and the Train active knit also enhances the stabilizing effect of the support. Together, these effectively stimulate the proprioceptors in the soft tissue of the knee and on the skin. This activates the musculature and provides both long-term stabilization for the joint and optimal support for its sensorimotor function.

The ingenious functional design of the new GenuTrain also ensures optimal effectiveness and a high level of wearing comfort. It is particularly pleasant to wear thanks to the breathable material, the perfect fit and the new, much softer knit in the hollow of the knee. Spiral stays at the sides make sure that the support does not lose its shape during movement, while the new integrated pull tabs make the supports easy to put on with little effort.

With the seventh generation, the range of standard sizes has been extended to include Size 7. The new GenuTrain can therefore also be supplied immediately for larger leg circumferences in the colors titan, nature and black.

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PB: GenuTrain: The new GenuTrain® with Omega pad offers optimal effect and enhanced wearing comfort for stabilization of the knee joint.

KV GenuTrain: GenuTrain® ─ the new generation with Omega pad.


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