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hawo was founded in 1975. Since then we have been supplying sealing devices for the purpose of instrument packaging to dentists, doctors, hospitals, medical and clean-room technology institutions. Our aim, right from the start, has been to dedicate ourselves to the improvement of hygiene standards through our products. The emphasis lay on supplying high-quality products and covering every stage of the packaging process with a variety of accessories and services.

Inspired by our company values, we have been synonymous with safety, sustainability and responsibility for over 40 years. All of our innovations are therefore geared towards our customers‘ requirements. Through constant dialogue with our partners and feedback from our customers, we have succeeded in bringing the very highest-quality products onto the market - while at the same time of course complying with the very strictest hygiene standards.

Products and services

hawomed products:
Sealing devices and accessories for packing sterile barrier systems in clinics, laboratories and the medical industry (validatable rotary sealers and impulse sealers as well as labelling and documentation systems for each kind of packaging system).

hawotest products:
Testing systems for the routine testing of sealing seams (ink and seal checks) as well as for testing sterilizers (seal checking device for the validation of sealing machines and software for the mobile monitoring of the certification parameters).

All our sealers satisfy the strictest clean-room standards while offering convenient use and efficiency due to their innovative technologies. We focus on resource-sparing designs and sustainable construction for our products that use a fraction of the energy of similar devices. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support for the qualification of your processes.

hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut

To deliver maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, hawo has developed a fully automatic pouch production machine known as the hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut (V = validatable). This innovative machine combines a film reel dispenser and a heat sealing device to automatically produce sterile goods pouches from standard reels of film in the required quantity and length.
Pouches that are too long or too short are therefore a thing of the past.

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hm 950 DC-V NanoPak

The new heat sealer surpasses all its predecessors offering smart operation, comprehensive digitisation, networkability and sustainability, reflecting the spirit of industry 4.0.

We have designed the NanoPak to meet the high standards in terms of professionalism, aesthetics and solidity, as required in surgeries and SPD (CSSD’s) in hospitals, while always conforming to the strictest safety guidelines.

The NanoPak is available in stainless steel, in black matt, white and original orange.

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InkTest PRO

The InkTest PRO is a new generation of ink tests for the routine testing of sealing seams as per ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929.
Any irregularities that occur (e.g. channels) become visible immediately after the single-use cartridge is pressed on. No pipettes or other tools are needed to fill it. There is no danger of the test liquid dripping or transferring onto other objects on your workstation or your clothes and skin.

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